Fitting a 2 Piece .... Correctly

Hi Guys ... i trust we all had a productive Heroes Weekend. Today, I'll be giving a few quick tips on how to fit a two piece bathing suit. I know its closer to December, but here in Jamaica it's always Sunny :-) This post was actually inspired by a friend of mine who wanted to make a splash for Heroes Weekend.

Wear your Size: No brainer but!! Sometimes as women we like to squeeze into smaller sizes hoping that it will create an illusion that we are that size but its actually the opposite. If you are a size large for example and you purchase a size small ... things will come popping out! And you will look like you are in pain.

Start from the neck down: This is for the swimsuit top. If you have one of those tops that have strings that tie around the back and neck .. tie the neck first. This gives you control over the boobage situation. Make sure its secure enough that it will not fall off but make sure its not too tight to strangle you. When you do it this way, you are able to as i said control how much you want to show up top. If you have a larger chest ... pull it down to make sure it sits under your boob ( the way a push up bra would fit) then use you hands to scoop them into the top. This ensures there is no sagging and things are up and perky . TMI .. but it has to be said.

Pick the right colours: There is an art to shopping for anything at all. Buy colours that compliment your skin tone rather than what everybody else is wearing. Sometimes as women we like to do that instead of buying what works for us. For darker skin tones , buy brighter colours and lighter skin tones would be the opposite.

Consider your Body Type: Again, this is one of those hit or miss things. You have to be aware of your body shape when buying swimsuits. The right style can make your look like a Brazilian model ,while the wrong one can having you looking like "Big Momma" in Big Momma's House ... No Bueno.

I hope this post helped to give you some ideas on finding the right 2 piece for you . If you have any tips you did not see here ... please comment below.

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