Fall Nail Trends/Colours

Hi Guys! I thought i would keep on track with my "Fall" posts even though as i explained before we don't celebrate fall in Jamaica . It is still important to be on point with the trends even if you don't subscribe to all of them :-) Below are the Top Nail Trends/ Colours for Fall .


This colour was really popular last year and has made it back this year . In my mind this is really "Dark Burgundy" , but the "Fashion Peeps" say its "Oxblood" so i guess we have to go along with it .

Midnight Blue

Another dark colour with a fancy name :-) This dark blue colour takes a spin on the regular soft , soothing Blue.

Colour Bursts

This is having a soft colour with a bold pop of colour on your nails . Think of a traditional French Manicure with an electric pop of yellow at the tips instead of white. Stick to one colour instead of that "Rainbow" look which is so out

Red/ Poppy

Red has always been the traditional "Christmas Colour" . I feel it "gives life" to the season and also brightens your mood :-)


In Jamaica , we call this "shocking colour yellow" . Its more of a lime green mixed with yellow. This is a really bold colour , so if you decide to wear it do so with confidence.

Glittery Nails

If you are a "girly girl" this trend will be perfect for you . Turn up a plain , regular 1 tone colour with glitter on top of it . I guarantee you will be in high spirits.


Yup , metallics are back! They were in for about 2 years from 2011-2012 but they went out of style earlier this year . Since this year we saw a come back of the 80's , metallics are perfect.

These are the top Nail Trends/ Colours for the fall season
If you think i missed any , please do comment

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