Behind the Seams: Revenge of the Rich Clothing Company

Today Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with a new clothing company, Revenge of the Rich. This brand offers trendy , one of a kind pieces for the Fashionable male and is supported by some of Jamaica's most talented local artistes. Let's hear what founders Richard Gordon & Akeem Boothe has to tell us about their brand.

H.P: How long has Revenge of the Rich Been Around?
R.O.T.R: We are actually coming up on our 1 year anniversary. Revenge of the Rich Clothing Company has been around since November of 2012.

First design ever created and also the best seller to date

H.P: Is there a story behind the name of the brand?
R.O.T.R: The founders ( Richard Gordon & Akeem Boothe ) had a natural love for clothing and was caught up in the whole obsession of looking cool as all teens were. At the time they started off customizing jeans for themselves and their friends which gave them the idea for their first creation the "Stoner Life Tank Top". All that was left was to find a way to get it mass produced. This posed a problem as major industry players tried their best to shut us out of the fashion industry and others tried to limit our creativity because it wasn't profitable for them. This didn't detour us and we vowed to never quit. Finally after breaking somewhat into the industry the name Revenge of the Rich was born. Not because we were rich with cash but rich with great ideas and creativity. And after fighting to break into the industry revenge was the order of the day (hence the name Revenge of the Rich).

H.P: What inspired you to start a clothing line?
R.O.T.R: The inspiration for starting a clothing line came from us just wanting a change in the whole Jamaican clothing scene. Generic china made clothing and simply for the fact that everyone looked alike when they were going out. This inspired us to make authentic, high quality, unique clothing to help spark a change in the Jamaican style of dressing.

H.P: What are some of your "key pieces"?
R.O.T.R: Some of our " Key Pieces " are our Stoner Life Tank Top, Camouflage Long Sleeve Shirt , and most notably our Camouflage Trousers which most of our customers seem to really love.
Catalog showing all designs/creations

H.P: How would you describe the overall look /feel of your brand?
R.O.T.R: The overall look of Revenge of the Rich is contemporary street wear with a designer touch. Focusing on the materials we have at hand, and how we can best transform them into unique articles of clothing by thinking outside of the box.

H.P: The Fashion Industry is said to be "female dominated" .. why did you choose menswear?
R.O.T.R: Menswear chose us because we were just focusing on making clothing that we ourselves would wear. It came to us more naturally than female wear. We never wanted to force female wear because with our acute attention to details and quality a rushed female line would jeopardize the integrity of what we stand for. Our first female design is on the way though. A preview can be seen on our facebook page, Click Here

Left: Model wearing a Long Sleeve Camo      Right : A lot of time and effort goes into making all these pieces quality
H.P: Where can we find your pieces?
R.O.T.R: Our clothing can be purchased primarily online on our Facebook page. Some of our pieces can also be bought at Micnads Fashion, Di Trends in Half Way Tree, and Teen Bling at Sovereign Centre.

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  1. Revenge Of The Rich Has Been a Great Clothing Line & Still Is, Whenever Im In Need Of Great Fashionable Clothing R.O.R Is Where My Clothing Lies.
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