Haute People 2nd Anniversary Photos Pt 1 ( Picture Heavy)

On September 24th 2013 , i celebrated my 2 year as an Official Lifestyle Blogger . When i started this journey i didn't expect anybody at all to read my posts , i thought it would serve as my Online Resume or Portfolio .. my collection of writing . Boy was i wrong , the support has been tremendous and i can only go up from here. My goal was to have an event and invite all those who truly supported me throughout the years .. i didn't want the event to be filled with Media , people who only wanted a story for the night ... i wanted true supporters. Haute People! I thank you , below are the pictures .


  1. Time well spent!!

  2. I missed it, I was not well and my husband said he would go but he was forced to go to parliament *tear* mi nah miss it next time though!


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