F.N.O Cancelled ??!!!??

That statement is kinda true. Due to the decline in the economy, organizers of F.N.O New York has decided to hold off on the event this year. Countries all over the world will still be allowed to host the event ( if their economy can handle it). Manchester , London will be hosting F.N.O for the first time this year.


Here in Jamaica, thanks to the wonderful folks at the Observer , we will have what is known as "Observer Takes Style Out". Unlike F.N.O it will be held later in September from the 19-21 at stores Island wide and is now three days instead of one. I like the fact that it gives parents a little time to breathe from the back to school expenses and treat themselves to a little sumn'.

Click the link below to see all the stores participating this year

Alter Ego located at 157 Constant Spring Rd Shop # 3 , will be having a  Charity feature called "Style Weight" where you bring in clothes you don't wear anymore, have them weighed , then you get that amount off your purchase . For example , if your clothes weigh 25 pounds, you get $2,500 off your entire purchase . There is however a limit of 25 pounds. Be sure to check them out and make sure the clothes you bring are not too rachet! I think they will be donated so make sure its something you would want somebody else to wear and be comfortable in.

Danielle  Donaldson - Owner of Alter Ego

There will also be a spectacular Red Carpet , Refreshments and Music to entertain all shoppers. If you don't plan to Shop , you are still invited to come out just for the vibe.

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Let's hope this event will be "eventful" unlike F.N.O which i think has dwindled throughout the

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  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    It doesn't give parents time to breathe from the back to school. it comes before the pay cycle date


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