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Hi Guys! so sorry I've been an "absentee" Blogger ... but you all know whats been going on and that has been taking up all my time ( i like to dream BIG).

I bought the Vape Mat at MegaMart yesterday for $149. It has been raining every afternoon here in Kingston Jamaica (where i live) and after the rains comes the Mosquitoes . The "Mosquito Truck" passes through my Community i'd say probably twice per week .. BUT!! I think the spray pushes the "outside" Mosquitoes inside . Long story short .. i need something to Combat the "inside Mosquitoes".  (This is what it looks like below).

I picked up the Vape Mat because i have Asthma and i can't manage the regular Mosquito destroyer. To my surprise i picked up the refills and there is like a heating pad thing that's needed for me to put the strips on.Then it hit me! My flat iron heats up so it will work . Annnnnd it does work ! the trick is to allow the Flat Iron to heat up then put on the strips. After that i closed my windows and doors and made the Vape go to work .

The scent is not too strong ... it smells kinda like a home candle and if you look closely you will see the fumes going up and the mosquitoes starting to drop like Flies! The strip comes blue but turns white once the fumes are released. This was a good buy and i would recommend it to a friend . The only downside is that the heating thing is electric so it does burn current but these days in Jamaica .. you pay for light you aren't even using.


  1. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Work on your content ! Vape Mat.... really everybody knows about Vape Mat.

    Get creative !!

    You are getting a bit boring. Don't just post for posting sake.

  2. Thanks for stopping by ... i'll take your comment into consideration .. God Bless You


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