I & K Hair Silky Human Hair Silky Weave Review (Chocolate Brown)

Hi Guys! Every 3 months i'm sent a product to review from Hairtrade.com. This time i chose the I&K Silky Human Hair Silky Weave in Chocolate Brown.

Hairtrade.com is one of the UK's leading online retailers of 
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hair care and beauty productsThey provide a wide range of hair extensions products and over 40 successful beauty, hair care and hair electrical brands. 

The length i picked was the 14' and it retails for 34.99 ( as shown here )  The same hair is available in 18', 22', 24' and also 26' (click the drop down box above for pricing). 


I love the Packaging! When i pulled it from the shipping box , i was like "Wow", this looks like some really expensive hair. Its white with Gold Writing and there are 2 little "Boxes" instead of the traditional one.

My Thoughts

I got the hair sewn in last Thursday which makes it a full week today because i wanted to see how the hair would "wear" in this crazy weather we've been having here in Jamaica. I got the 14' inch which is pretty long for me at 5' 1' , it goes a little below "the boob".First off , the hair had a really "interesting" scent , i would describe it as a "Strong Factory Smell" , kinda like the way a new dolls' hair smells, but stronger. I would therefore recommend washing the hair before installing it. It does shed ... nothing too crazy like 4-5 strands per day. Most human hair will shed because its not growing from the scalp to obtain nutrients so i'm glad it wasn't too much. There was minimal tangling and "bunching" mainly at the ends. 

As it relates to the colour , i was expecting it to be a bit darker but its more of a " Dark Blondish Ash Texture". This would be more of a #4 as described on the site, but in actuality it looks like a #8 I'm guessing its due to the resolution and the fact that the colours of images will change based on each computer and its setting.

The hair itself is very light in weight (i used another pack of hair to get fullness) so i would definitely recommend getting more than one pack for fullness. It very low maintenance, it is processed hair ( according to the packaging) so it comes with this nice sheen so you don't have a lot to do other than brush it throughout and apply some oils. This hair loves Argan Oil! A little goes a long way! I'm not telling anybody to go out and buy Argan Oil , but the texture of the hair really comes to life with that Argan Oil.

Overall i would give this hair a 7/10 and would recommend to a friend and also ordering a sample of the hair from the website , just to see how the colour looks in reality.

Visit Hairtrade.com to see more products 

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