Behind the Seams : The Sickest Drama Takes Us on A Journey Through Life

Hi Guys ! Happy Emancipation Day Jamaica! On this day we celebrate our ancestors being free from Slavery. Today, we'll be going "Behind The Seams" with Tarik Wolf more popularly known as "The Sickest Drama (TSD). TSD is a Jamaican Hip Hop Artiste who is excited to tell us about his latest Single "A Journey Through Life"

H.P: Tell us about your latest single?
TSD :"A Journey Though Life" is the newest record I've done with one our best Jamaican hip-hop producers (and long-time collaborator of mine) Damien Beatz. It's the lead single from my collaborative EP with him entitled "Inferno".

H.P: What inspired this song?
TSD: This song is inspired by real life situations. Being a creative individual is risky business and there comes a point where you have to asses and take stock of your decisions and the ramifications of dedicating your energy to what amounts to a glorified gamble. Its about who has the resolve, will power and courage to submit wholeheartedly to the ambition of their visions. The first verse, metaphorically, sets the table for the predicaments I find myself in, the second verse, outlines the pitfalls and disappointments in the "bad gamble" that could have deterred me along the way, and the third verse acts as a meditation on what meaning I gather from it all - win, lose or draw.

H.P: What can fans expect at your show in August?
TSD: I'm proud of the bill we've put together for the August 17th edition of #PayAttention. It Highlights the past, present and future of Jamaican Hip hop in all its variations. Sons Of Liberty are carrying the torch of the genre and have started to make their imprint with brilliant projects like "Escape Theory". They represent the 'new school' in full effect. Five Steez, Shermon Dadz and Nomad Carlos have paid their dues and are peaking at the right time to stake their claim as local hip-hop stalwarts - a status which is well deserved. Me as the veteran? I'll be hosting the entire affair (haha)

H.P: Will there be any 'special" surprises 
as it relates to the show?
TSD: Well I'm quite happy to say publicly that August 17th also doubles as my earth-strong so not only is this a showcase in the finest Yard hip-hop (which we call #firtscoast) has to offer but also promises to be an intense celebratory vibe. The spirit of festivities will most certainly be in the air! The venue has agreed to have a special discounted #PayAttention drink mix that I believe patrons will find quite to their liking. So come party with us and partake in the overall experience! True talent will shine, and the niceness is guaranteed - you may even hear a couple guest verses from yours truly... We are the next wave !

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