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Good Morning Everyone ... FRIDAY has finally arrived :-) Today i would like to talk about bags for school. Things has changed since i left High school in 2006 ( rambling coming on) well i actually graduated in 2004 then went on to 6th Form ( if you live in the Caribbean or Europe you will understand) Anyway , i remember back in my day it was all about Jansport Bags! If you left your Bag unattended , people would steal your "bag strings", how stupid!! Didn't those people have parents to teach them core values? Coming to school to steal strings !! Seriously!! For that i hated Jansport Bags , plus I'm an Aquarian and i like to be different, i didn't want what everybody else had so i got a messenger bag :-) That was different ! I remember one of my friends back then also got a messenger bag and hers came with a pencil case and we were cool because we had different cooler bags. It was the Mudd! brand. Now that I've rambled for about 5 minutes, here are various types of bags to wear to school.

Backpack: Surprisingly, the Jansport is still here. Fun fact, the Jansport was actually designed for backpacking/ mountain climbing (which explains its durability) The designs have changed significantly over the years from plaid to chevron prints.You can now pick the bag based on your personality. Watch out for imitation bags guys! It's been a while since i left School so i want to know ... do you one strap or 2 straps? Which is cooler these days?

Messenger: My Favorite :-) This is great if you are not too fond of the Back Back and it drooping down on your back . I like the way the bag is designed because it forces you to be organized ... It has a thing at the front with zippers and slots to put your School I.D etc. I also like that it stays cleaner for longer because of the type of material they use to make the bag ... if you hate washing your bags every week , this is great for you. Do you cross body or one shoulder?

*My Bag was the BLUE*

Tote: This is the cheapest alternative of all three bags unless you decide to get a Michael Kors Tote Bag :-) If you are a girly girl and would like to incorporate your Fashion Sense into your School look , especially if you wear uniforms , this is great for you . As i said , they are cheap so you can buy as many as you like and change them out each day or week and kinda surprise everybody. Please ladies , don't be one of those girls who have one piece of paper and one pencil in your bag and think that's cool . Get a 5 Subject notebook, some pens and pencils and be prepared to learn.

Education is actually really cool and its something that is important to everyone (even though its not free) If you have the privilege of going to School , make the most of it and don't waste your parents/guardians time and money! Don't be that girl who "peaked " in High school and 5 years later you end up with 3 kids no job and a horrible boyfriend! Stay in School and be focused!

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