Back To School Shopping With Haute People : Make up for College/University

Hi Guys! Its Hump day and I'm as happy as a Camel on Hump day :-) I'm back from a totally pointless "holiday" here in Jamaica. Today we'll be looking at Make up for College/University Students.

Going to University for the first time can be quite daunting ... i remember my first day was really scary . I'm only 5"0" and everybody looked HUGE ... the school was HUGE and everything was just huge!!! Anyway, the greatest thing about University life is that you get to "dress up" as there are no rules . In Jamaica , we wear Uniforms , no make-up and minimal Jewelry ( pair of small earrings and a simple wrist watch) This is the time to truly express yourself and below are some of the Make-Up things you need for starters:

Foundation: If you are like me and is not a fan of a full face of Make-up , Foundation is great to start with. It covers blemishes , makes your face look "cool" and "alive" and it evens out your skin tone. For beginners , i would recommend starting with a powder until you are comfortable apply it then you can always move on to liquid. Some inexpensive brands are : Black Opal and Maybelline. Click to See My Fav Foundation

Mascara: You don't want to "scare" people with sad dead eyes so that's why 'Mascara" was invented not really . There are tons of Mascara on the market ... in retrospect their main purpose is to make your lashes look "fuller". I would recommend starting with a Waterproof Mascara as anything can happen! Also decide on what you need from a Mascara and buy the one that relates to your needs . An inexpensive brand is Santee and Maybelline ( for longer wear)
Read my review on Santee Mascaras Here.

Concealer: Let's say your skin is absolutely flawless and you are not into packing on product on your face . Concealer is great for targeting specific areas! Use it under your eyes to brighten your face and cover fine lines or you can also use it as a base before applying foundation . A great inexpensive Concealer is the Black Opal Total Coverage Spot and Scar Eraser. It comes with a Sponge applicator or you can also squeeze the desired amount on your finger and apply.

Tinted Lip balm: A little color is all you need for school! I remember when i was in University there was this one girl who always wore red stick, like everyday! We all wondered if she was cray but i guess it was what she liked. Tinted lip balms add moisture to your lips with just a hint of color. Two great brands are Maybelline Whisper and Maybelline Baby Lips. I love me some Maybelline

Moisturizer: This should have been at the top of the list ... but at least its on. You've got to moisturize ladies. I'm thinking about inside and outside classroom "elements". My classrooms had A.C that was always "turnt up" because of the equipment in the classroom that apparently needed A.C ... then i was outside in the Jamaican September Sun then back in A.C again!! That can be deadly on your skin and you need something that will basically keep your skin moisturized.

What Make-up Items are on your List for College/University?
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