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I know when you hear School Lunch , you immediately think those crinkly brown paper bags with a soggy sandwich and "juice" or a lunch bag you filled with left overs. I'm actually talking about On Campus and off Campuses lunches ... This is the U.W.I Edition:-)

I was an Off Campus Student at U.W.I , that simply means i did not live on "Hall"so i had to commute to get to school.When i first got to U.W.I i was in awe of the amount of food places on campus ... there was K.F.C and several other food places.

My Favorite On Campus Places ( this is in no specific order , just how i remember them)

Beehive: I was an Humanities student so it was literally "just right there". I liked it because they had Veggie dishes ... I'm not a vegetarian but i don't like meat so it was perfect for me. The food is probably like a 6/10 and the service was 8/10 ... they always gave me a little extra macaroni salad or vegetables when i asked so that was a huge plus. They sold regular Jamaican dishes and sandwiches back then.

Nardo Stall : I have to big up Nardo stall. This was located just outside N1 Lecture Theatre. I regard Nardo as a true Entrepreneur ... he sold everything! Even painkillers ..and he was such a good spirit , i remember the guys would always stop to talk to him about whatever and he was so engaged in each conversation ... it was like he was one of us students. The thing i liked the most about his stall ... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas HOTDOGS! Hmmm mmm ... you could get everything on that Hot Dog for $150 ... then top if off with an ice cold bag juice and you are good to go.

Deli : I think it has been re-branded as Dukunoo Deli . This was a good walk from Humanities but it was worth it . They had my kind of breakfast on the days when i had classes at 8 a.m . They had eggs and pancakes and all that good stuff :-) They also had burgers , fries , bagels , wraps , various types of coffees and just all the things you would find in a Bistro . It was a bit on the expensive side ... but i didn't mind because i liked the food.

Off Campus Places

Sovereign: List done ... lol . This was my favorite place to eat because it is a Mall ! My friends and i would go on either Tuesday or Thursday when we had a few classes and just really eat and relax and forget about school for awhile . I loved the overall atmosphere ... plus it was the place i would see people i knew from Prep School who also went to U.W.I that i didn't see because the place is soo huge. It was just a nice vibe.

Wendy's: This reminds me of Mcdonalds ( which i love but it shut down in the 90's in Jamaica ) I went here on Mondays when my classes were spaced far apart and i had time to kill. I was a bit of a loner here because everybody else thought it was expensive ... but! What i did was use my Friday lunch money since i didn't have school on Fridays.

Burger King: Barbican B.K enough said ... this was because of the Hershey Pie ... You always need just the right amount of Chocolate to combat the "perils" of school That Hershey Pie did just that .

This post was based on MY favorite On and Off Campus Places to have lunch . What are/ were some of your favorite places as a U.W.I student ? Comment below.

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  1. Nardo's hotdogs are the bomb! Lol.
    I spend most of my time at Wendy's though many I know complain about the high prices. Some other lunch places I go to are Subway, The Spot, and Pita Grill.

  2. Nardo and those Hot Dogs :-) I went to the Spot as well but it was called something else ... I don't think Pita Grill was open in my time ... Thanks so much for sharing Ashleigh


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