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Hi Guys! We are now in August ! We are only 4 months away from Christmas ... can you believe that? Anyway ... For this week or maybe month , I'll be sharing tips for Back to School . From Supplies to even Dorm Decor , i must say I'm excited i might just partner with somebody and do a Give-Away .

Today , Its all about where to get your Supplies in Jamaica

1.Woolworth: It is after all "Well Worth it" :-) . Woolworth might not be the ideal first choice for everyone. But! I actually like it. They have all the supplies you need for back to school and even your home office! I know that there are two stores : One in Half-Way Tree ( Kingston) and the other in Down Town Kingston ( can't remember the street). I actually remember the one Down Town being larger and having waaay more things.

2. Sangsters Bookstore: This is a Bookshop , so they have everything ( sometimes) . The only thing i don't like is that all the good writing stuff like Pens are behind the counter :-( I'm one of those people who like to take things up and look at them and even smell them if i can , i hate that if i see a pen from far i have to ask the Cashier to take it down ... then i might see another pen and another and she has to keep taking them out ... that a bit of a bother :-(

Sangsters also does Special Orders : Click Here

3. Kingston Bookshop: This is at number 3 because of the Customer Service. I'm not saying its bad .. but! There is not enough store attendants to the amount of shoppers and when i go in at this time ... the place is extremely crowded , i can't find anything and i just walk out. I know that times are hard and all ... but kids go to school every year .... so I'm thinking they can hire more people
These are my top 3 places to get school supplies here in Jamaica.What are some of your favorite places to buy your  school supplies in your Parishes? Please comment below

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  1. There's a woolworth in New Kingston Shopping centre as well :)

  2. Yes! How could i forget .. they have cuter supplies in some things


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