Summers In July : My Favorite Facial Cleaner

Hi Guys! Its Hump Day :-) Its not what you think it means ... its just the middle of the week and its all down hill from here . Today i would like to share my "Holy Grail" Facial Cleaner that i have used since High School.

The Clean and Clean Deep Action Cream Cleanser is my absolute favorite facial cleanser. It truly cleans deep down to the pores, it's oil free and it prevents breakouts plus it has a tingle. I like the fact that it's not abrasive but it still gets rid of all the gunk on your face. It removes foundation and eye make-up really well. This is not an intense Acne Product so i personally would not recommend it for Acne ( but I'm not a Dermatologist )

Because its not abrasive it can be used everyday however i use it at night , i just feel that it does more for me at that time . Sometimes i like to wear make-up during the day , i sweat, it rains then its sunny again all those affect the skin during the day and i like the fact that this product removes everything throughout the day. It retails for a little over $800 at Discount Pharmacy Manor Park :-) It might be more or less depending on where you buy it. This is my Holy Grail Cleanser and i would recommend this product to anyone especially teenagers . As i said ... it's not abrasive so it's safe for their skin.

Have you tried this product?
How did you like it?

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