Summers in July! D-I-Y Earring Holder!

Hi Guys ! Its Monday , i know this is the "dreaded" day for most people ... but guess what ? It comes every week after Sunday :-) Today , i would like to share a fun D-I-Y Earring Holder with you all . I know most people like to switch up their wardrobe in Summer and buy tonnnnssssss of accessories . See below for the steps .

You will Need:

·         Clipboard Border
·         Scissors
·         Glue
·         Glitter , Stickers ( any of your favourite decorations /embellishments)
·         Clear Tape
·         Crochet/ Embroidery Thread

Step 1

Remove ever other “Shape Row”. This is because the material is not sturdy and we want to maintain the shape of the Frame.

Step 2

Remove all the tiny holes from the spaces of the remaining shape row. This is where your Earrings will be hung.

Step 3

Take clear tape to secure the Back of your “frame”. Remember, the material we are working with and not sturdy. The purpose of the tape is to support the frame of the Clipboard Border. We need all the support we can get as you will be applying weight to it.

Step 4

There should be two holes at the top of the first row of shapes. Add your Crochet/ Embroidery thread firmly to these. This is to hang your Earring Holder.

Step 5

Start decorating! Add your favourite Decorations/ Embellishments to add your personal touch. For this project I used a “Stripe Design”. I simply used my glue to draw lines across my base, then added glue and glitter on top.

Step 6

Add your favourite Earrings.

Watch the Video!

( I have no idea why it won't link)

Please let me know what your outcome was , if you decide to try this .

All the supplies used were from Azans in the Springs in Half Way , Jamaica

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