Summers In July : Boots! The Jamaican Edition

Hi Guys! It's a new week :-) I must say i had a really great , productive week with the exception of a few bad things to make my weekend sour which i had no control over ... but i brushed it off and started a new week :-)

This post comes at you because there is a bad trend that's been taking over Jamaica which i must address. It's Summer and its crazy hot and I'm seeing girls in Jamaica wearing boots! Isn't that crazy? I'm thinking they don't know which to wear so below are some appropriate boots for Jamaica.

Ankle Boots 

You can never go wrong with these. They stop at your ankles and they are also super trendy. You can find them in different colors , styles and heels. If you go for high heels, choose the ones you can actually walk in.

Above the Ankle Boots

Funny name :-) These are boots that go at least 2-3 inches above your ankle.

Mid Calf Boots

I would say these hit the middle part of your legs right where your calf is. These are not as low as ankle boots and they are not crazy high. Try to go for the ones that are not 100% leather as these will make you sweat in the crazy Jamaican heat. Combat Boots also fall into this category

Jelly Boots/ Rain Boots

Surprisingly, these are a great investment if you live in Jamaica or any other Caribbean Island where you know it will rain a lot in the Summer. There are the plain one colour ones or if you are more daring , go for one that has an interesting print.

Boots not to wear!

Over the Knee Boots and Fur Boots!

I really hope this post will help to stop the madness ! and people will chose the right Boot

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  1. I'm an expat, and my cowork showed me pictures of Jamaican wearing winter boots. But they were clowning them (laughing) and I was getting hot because I told them they were lying on people in my country until he showed me the pictures.

    Ladies, please stop wearing winter/snow boots. Its not cute. You are making expats look crazy with new sterotypes. Please stop wearing snow hats too.


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