Summer In July : How To Fix A Make - Up Meltdown

"Make- Up Meltdown ... not on this street"

Cheers to the Weekend Guys! We've made it through another week .. phew! I can't say it was easy, but I'm alive! It's Summer and It's crazy hottt ! It's always Summer in Jamaica but as we like to say " Di Heat Tun Up". Ladies and gents, I have the solution to fix your Make- Up Meltdowns ! Read the tips below.

Use a Powder Foundation: I know that people love liquid foundations because they give a really nice Airbrush finish , but now is the time to invest in a good powder foundation. The great thing about a powder foundation is that it gives a really cool nice "matte" finish. This foundation has no where to go but on your face.

Anti- Shine: I actually just learnt about this while doing research for this post. Make -up artiste Eve Pearl, explains that this comes in light and dark and you choose the one that's right for you based on your Skin Tone. This basically stops shine and can be used under make-up or can be used alone. Click Here to learn more about this Product.

Blotting Sheets/Paper : Let's say you don't want to switch to a liquid foundation and the powder still leaves your face shiny and sweaty. Blotting sheets are great to have in your Cosmetics bag. Blotting sheets/paper offer quick touch ups without removing your make-up. Some of my favorite brands are E.l.f and Clean and Clear . I know that the Clean and Clear ones are at Discount Pharmacy in Manor Park :-) Dear Discount Pharmacy contact me  They retail for a little over $800 Jmd

These are my top 3 Tips to avoid Make- Up Meltdown . There are tons of other tips and tricks out there , however these are the ones that work for me . If you have your own special tips to avoid Make-Up Meltdown , please comment below .


  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    DO you know where in Jamaica i could find the anti-shine by eve pearl?

  2. Hi ... I'm not exactly sure .. i just contacted the company ... i will let you know as soon as i get a response


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