D-I-Y Wine Glass Lamp !

T.G.I.F ! This post is coming a little later than usual ... I kinda forgot :-) It's Summer ... the perfect time for parties and get togethers. Here is a fun project you can do for your next event or just to jazz up your space.

You Will Need:
2 Stemmed Wine Glasses ( Lamps come in pairs)
Tracing/ Tissue Paper
Flame-less Tea Candles
Ruler/ Tape Measure
String/ Crochet Thread

Step 1

Mark 7 inches on the piece of string by using a ruler/ tape measure. Next , make another mark  at the 12 inch line on your piece of string.

Step 2

Make a loose knot at the start of the string, then another at the 7 inch and another at the 12 inch mark. After you have finished with your knot , cut the string so that it is easier to work with.

Step 3

Place your string vertically on your paper. Use your pencil to mark the first knot on the paper. Place your pencil in the first knot you tied on the string . Remember this should have been loose so the pencil should fit without trouble. Use your other hand to hold the pencil firmly. Move the top part of your pencil and string across the paper on both sides. You should see what looks like a half circle beginning to form.

Step 4

Repeat the same steps above by putting your pencil in the 7 inch knot and make a second curved line across the page.

Step 5

Use a ruler to draw a line to connect both curves. Cut out the shape you just made.

Step 6
( No Photo)

Wrap the shape around itself to form an "open cone". You should now see the "lamp shade" shape beginning to form. Measure it around the Wine Glass to make sure its the perfect fit. Use Tape or Glue to secure your lampshade.

Step 7

Place the Tea Candle inside the Wine Glass and cover with the lampshade . To really make it pop ... add embellishments and patterns to make it your own.

I hope that i have inspired at least ONE person to go out and be creative.

All material used in this Project can be found at Azans in the Springs ( Halfway Tree Jamaica)

Tea Candles are flame less candles that don't require lighting with a match or lighter . Its a plastic candle that has an on/off switch that retails for $135 JMD

Click the link to see the Video on How i Made this.

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