First Impression: Maybelline Color Show ,Coral Crush

Hi Guys ! Happy Tuesday :-) Monday has passed and you can now breathe (we all hate Mondays).  Today i would like to share my thoughts on the Maybelline Color Show in Coral Crush.

"Maybelline has 40 hot new mail shades to make your own"

I love Maybelline Cosmetics so i decided to branch out and try the nail polish. I bought it for $413 at Discount Pharmacy in Manor Park , there were other colours for $395 , I'm guessing the ones for over $400 are the latest ones .


Super cute! As you can see from the picture above it's a small cylindrical shape which i found easy to hold. I don't know about anybody else but i find it hard holding on to the nail polish bottle and painting your nails all at the same time it's really tricky. It's a .23fl oz while the regular nail polishes are .5 fl oz ..I'm guessing that's more? I'm bad at Math ... please figure it out


It was a bit on the light side . I did my nails at the Salon and the Nail Tech had to apply two coats and i feel it can take one more. Its not streaky but it's just really light ... if you are planning on doing it at home i would recommend a Base Coat , 3 even coats and finish with a top coat to seal it all in.


It has a really creamy "Peachy" colour and also a really show sheen light creamy pink ( depending on the lighting) It's a really pretty pastel colour perfect for Summer and it will bring a plain outfit to life . It's a real conversation starter ... I've got so many compliments already.

Final Thoughts

I gave this product a 9/10 . I would definitely recommend to a friend.

If you've tried any of the 40 shades please comment below. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Amazing work right here


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