Designer Inspired Vs KnockOff Handbags

Hi Guys ! This post was inspired by the fact that Designer pieces seem to be a trending topic . I've decided to make this as straightforward as i possibly can .

What is the difference between a Designer Inspired item and a Knock Off ?

Designer inspired bags are relatively inexpensive and have similar elements of the original product . These bags are usually deemed as "legal " as they only mimic the original. These bags are fun and sturdy and are a great way to be on trend without spending too much on a bag that costs thousands of dollars.

Knock -off , Replicas or Fakes are Bags that try to match the original designs . These bags bear the logo , print and all other elements . These bags according to the "Fashion Community"  are illegal . They are using a brand that has been trademarked without their permission . If you live in New York , you will see these bags lining the street and are sold at ridiculous low costs.

In my opinion , both have their place in the market and are both obviously being sold which is why they continue to make them . If you want a "Designer" type bag , i would say your best bet would be to get the "Designer Inspired " Bag rather than the fake . The Fakes rarely last long because they are poorly made. Also , besides yourself ... you are not really fooling anybody.

The views expressed in this post are my own , they were not geared towards offending anyone.

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