D-I-Y Vanity Storage Tray

D-I-Y: Vanity Storage Tray
You will need:

·         Baking Tray
·         Glue ( Hot Glue Gun Optional)
·         Felt
·         Scissors
·         Glitter
·         Paint Brush/ Make-Up Brush
·         Small Container

Step 1
Be sure to remove all stickers or labels from your baking tray. We want to start with a clean surface.

Step 2

Cut your felt in the shape of a square that fits the shape of your baking tray. Make sure it extends towards the sides of your tray. 

Step 3
Apply glue to the inner base & corners of the tray. Allow the Glue to Dry. Repeat the process with the leftovers by gluing them to the sides of the tray.

Step 4
Cover the inside of the Tray with glue by using the Paint/ Make-Up Brush.

Step 5
Apply your Glitter to the inner & outer sides (for a more consistent look) if you decide to do a more complex design, shape it out & add your Glitter. Allow to thoroughly dry. Add your favourite Accessories or Perfumes.

I bought all my supplies from Azans in the Springs

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