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Hi Guys , I knew i said i would be taking a break .. but i can't stay away :-) That's how you know you really know something ...i got 5 questions for this week . I thought I'd put the initials of the names to make it more interesting.

"M" asks : I need something to get rid of my acne

Rane says:  There are so many products on the Market for Acne . These are usually sold according to skin type and your condition . There are brands such as Proactive , Clean and Clear , Clearasil , Acne Free , Cetaphil , Neutrogena etc that have Acne products . You might also want to stay away from greasy foods that will clog your pores and drink lots of water to flush your system . If all else fails , i would recommend seeing a Dermatologist . I hope this helps.

"S"  asks:  I just got Locks, I want tips of caring for it/help it grow faster

Rane says: Hi, i have books on locks/Sisterlocks which would be beneficial to you. You are more than welcome to stop by and read them. There are also products that are recommended for the general up keep of your locks . If you have Sisterlocks your recommended products to use are the "Sisterlocks" brand of products. They look like this

For Dreadlocks i would recommend products from the 'Jamaican Mango & Lime" Line . They are available at most Pharmacies and Beauty Supply Stores.

"T" asks : I want to start a Blog , any tips
Rane says : Go for it ! I seriously don't think we have enough serious Bloggers in Jamaica . Make sure the topic you choose to Blog about is something you are passionate about , make sure you have enough information about it . Read , research , go out and investigate! Blogging is fun and also a lot of hard work . Please don't do it because "everybody" is doing it and it's the in thing to do commit to it and you will be successful.

"J" asks : We need more Jamaican related posts on here , when can i see that
Rane : Well, there are Jamaican related posts on here. Please go through the archives and you will see. My Blog is based in Jamaica but it is not Jamaican focused , i talk about relevant things as it relates to Lifestyle , Fashion and Beauty ... these areas are available everywhere and not endemic to Jamaica. I think it is important to talk about a mixture of things as there are Jamaicans who would like to know about popular things elsewhere.

" S" asks : Girl talk brand of lip gloss good?
Rane says : "i personally don't like it ... i think it's messy and it's really oily .. the ones i have i gave to my little niece to play with

Those are the questions for today . I apologize for the mixture of fonts today, i simply copied and pasted the questions.

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