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Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening” – Coco Chanel

True Fashion extends far beyond what meets the eye, it is a part of our character which makes us stand apart from the next person. It is not strange for Fashion to be associated with anything materialistic especially in these times when people will do just about anything for clothes. There is however one company that is breaking down these unrealistic social standards and “Fashion Stereotypes” for a positive impact on humanity.

SanaHashmat Couture is a world renowned contemporary high-end fashion company that specializes in women’s apparel and accessories from business, evening, specialty, to casual wear – appealing to all body types and backgrounds. Although Sana Hashmat Couture already offers some products to men (cuff links and ties), it is planning to launch an exclusive menswear collection in the near future. 

Sana Hashmat Couture is the brain child of Miss Sana Hashmat, described as a “Jack of all trades.”  Hashmat is a young Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, and self-taught Fashion Couturier from New York City recognized for making statements in the boardrooms of Wall Street on an intellectual and fashionable level. This avant garde brand has been creating a lot of buzz in the Fashion Industry because of its unique philosophy and products that have been featured on the Runway at New York Fashion Week earlier this year as well in the Media.
The thing that sets this prestigious brand apart from traditional brands is fulfilling a need that most Fashion Companies fail to do –its ability to create distinguished yet versatile pieces that accentuate the natural beauty of the wearer while giving them the freedom to control the fit of the garment. Graceful. Elegant. Modest (GEM) from A.M. to P.M. is the mantra of the brand which allows the wearer to feel like a liberated gem.  This brand is the only of its kind that does not use any form of unnatural or deceptive embellishments (like objectification of body, sex appeal, makeup, music, etc.) whatsoever to showcase or sell its designs from head-to-toe.  So the garments are left to speak for themselves allowing the wearer to celebrate their natural beauty while being fashionably dressed in unique blend of luxurious fabrics and appearing stylish, graceful, elegant, and modest.

Apart from creating high quality pieces, Sana Hashmat Couture’s pieces are very versatile and “can be mixed and matched effortlessly”. If you buy one piece for example a dress / jacket / coat, you will be able to wear it in different ways for many different occasions. One of the pieces I came across, which I've declared as my favourite piece is this beautiful olive gold green Reversible Dress / Coat / Jacket. I like the fact that the pieces are realistic in that, everyone woman wants to look good and have that one piece that makes her feel like a million dollars. This unique reversible piece will not just sit in your closet; you will get enough wear out of it!

Realizing the perils of mainstream fashion and unrealistic social standards that trigger fatal health conditions like eating disorders and low self-esteem, Hashmat set out on a quest to empower women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. “Totally disregarding the unrealistic industry size 0 or rather negative 10, air brushed, flawless, and other unnatural requirements,” Sana Hashmat Couture uses a diverse group of healthy models from varied nationalities on the runway. “Our philosophy is that all women are a beautiful GEM from A.M. to P.M." said Hashmat

Simultaneously advocating to end cruelty and abuse inflicted on animals from testing and producing cosmetic products through its no makeup philosophy which is inspiring individuals to embrace their inner and outer beauty and individuality while helping everyone realize the abusive conditions animals undergo to produce such makeup products that contain toxins that are harmful to their skin and to the animal kingdom. 

“In the name of God: Allah, the all Compassionate, All Merciful” are the humble words behind Sana Hashmat Couture’s inspirational and holistic philosophy to help all of humanity, serving as the foundation of this successful company. Sana Hashmat Couture is a brand of substance that is concerned with helping everyone.  The brand has been successful in launching 6 collections consecutively contributing growth to local and global economies through various philanthropic efforts. One such global welfare campaign is the “Empowering Humanity” in which at least 3% of sales from each product is contributed to various Charities, while 2.5% of the net assets also goes to Alms giving. The contributions are made to help with Disaster Relief, Eradicating Poverty, Promoting Education, helping to feed the needy, supporting animal rights, ending animal cruelty from cosmetic testing, and conserving trees and other creations that are holistically a part of humanity. Another remarkable venture is creating and donating a special outfit to a baby girl between ages 1-3 after a collection has been launched. Also, $1,000 will be donated across various charities once the brand’s Facebook page reaches 1,000 likes. Click here to like the page.

And every step of the way, the brand never misses an opportunity to personally thank its fans for “their continued love and support” in helping it get this far from having client appreciation events to featuring their “love notes” on the page.

In today’s society where so much emphasis is placed on physical entities, people tend to neglect their contribution to humanity. It is great when a successful company like Sana Hashmat Couture takes the time to dedicate its time and efforts in making the world a better place. Sana Hashmat Couture has gained a strong affinity globally while having a positive impact in educating, empowering, and enlightening humanity through its innovative philosophy and philanthropic campaigns. All it really takes is one person to do one small thing and the world will already be ten times better.

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