Make-Up MAYnia!

Hi Guys! It is the start of a new month and therefore a new theme . When i initially thought about this theme , i wanted it to be only about Make-up/ Cosmetics , but then i thought why just limit it to superficial things. I think May is a very inspirational month Make -up MAYnia will focus on ways you can "Make- Up" yourself in various aspects of your life . The exciting part is ............ various Jamaican Make-up Artistes' will have their specific days when they give you quick tips and tricks on Beauty related topics :-)

Today , i would like to talk about "Making UP your Brain". Sooo , as a Blogger i have alot on my mind , plus i also have things to do in my personal life . There are times my brain feels as if it's on "go slow" and i tend to forget things and might not even be able top focus on important tasks as much as I'd like . I discovered this really cool programme called Lumosity to help fix my problem. I've always seen the ads but i completely overlooked them , then one day i saw it and decided to give it a try.

It's this program designed by Neuroscientists to improve core cognitive functions of the Brain such as: Memory , Speed ,Flexibility , Attention and Problem Solving by playing games . Yup games , the games are actually fun and it doesn't even seem like you are "training" your Brain. When you visit the website , you are able to create your own program based on what your issue is. It is required that you dedicate at least 10 minutes out of each day to do these exercises for better results. I've actually been on it for 3 weeks and I've seen major improvements . So if you are looking for a way to "re- train" your brain to be brighter , you can give lumosity a try.

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