Make -Up MAYnia! My "Nail Story"

Hi Guys ! Friday ! Friday ! Friday ! You all know how i love FRIDAY! Today i would like to share my "Nail Story" with you :-) It might be boring for some people : It might be inspiring for others . Whatever it is .. i'm sharing it

I've always had a problem with my nails . I describe my self as a "Chronic Nail Biter " . I remember reading articles online and talking to other Nail biters and they always say " think of when you bite your nails" most .... Most other Nail Biters always say "When I'm nervous or stressed" . It was not like for me ! I bite my nails because they look and taste good! Gross i know but thats the way it is . The funny thing is ... my nails grow really fast but i just can't stop biting them. I challenged myself to grow my nails really long for my birthday and they did . They were really healthy and looked really nice too ... i tried different polishes and different nails trends and i love them . Soon after that ... i went back to biting them .. they looked sooooo good . All that hard work to grow them was down the drain.

Enjoying my Real Nails

Fast forward to two weeks ago ... i dceided to get fake nails. This was not a hard decision because i ', working on a new Project ( that i will be sharing soon) where my nails will be featured a lot! With this project ... i don't want to seem like "hey .. she's doing that and look at her nails " I'm one of those people who don't really care what others have to say . But! i thought it would be a good idea to look " presentable" ... nails included!

Original Salon Length

First try ... i liked them . I think she did Acryclic ... in my opinion they took sooo long . I hate long beauty treatments :-(  ... i opted for a nude colour because i wanted something that would work well with everything ... then she added little dots .. which i didn't mind . When i got home ... i realized they were too long . I have to admit ... i'm not that domestic so no problem there to put my clothes in the machine or clean up a spill . But ! when i got a cooking ... thats when things went wrong . I could not do anything! Then all the food got stuck it my nails and it was sooo not hygenic and i had to be cleaning them over and over again . Sooo ... after all that .. i decided to go back to the Salon to had them cut and it was a lot better . I use my hands a lot ( so does everybody else) I write and i also do crafts ... so i need to have a grip of my tools.

Nails After they were Cut

For now ... i have a love/hate relationship with these nails . I love that they look good and add a more delicate touch to my hands . But i hate that they kinda limit me to do certain things .

If you are a Nail Biter , Nail Enthusiast , please share your experience and tips below . Also , if you work in the beauty industry ( MUA) how do you keep your nails clean since you have to touch people's face alot .

Everybody share your comments , suggestions , tips etc


  1. I recently grew mine after all these years. I agree when you say it limits you to do certain things. I have the same problem too!

  2. I want to rip them off!


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