Make-Up MAYnia : How to Make-Up your Bank Account

Hi Guys ! As I've explained in my initial post . Make up MAYnia will not only feature Make-Up and Cosmetics but other important things in life . Today , i would like to share with you some tips on how you can make money here in Jamaica . This is not one of those "get rich quick" schemes, these are legit ways you can make money .  These tips however are mainly for people between the ages of 18-35 . They might not be suited for everybody.

Market Research: When i was in University i always wanted extra money . Mainly for "Maintenance " Hair , Clothes and all that good stuff. There was a girl in my class who did Market Research and told me it pays and they are always looking for people to join their various teams. These companies don't require that you have a a lot of experience , but they require you do have some level of Education. You simply send a resume and a passport size photo and you will be called if there is work ( which is all the time) . I must warn you , if you are not a "People Person" or not into travelling , this is not the job for you! You will be talking to people from all aspects of life and parishes , after all it's "Research". ( I hope to do a follow up post on this to go more in depth") *If it's requested*

Offer Services: Again , I'm using myself as an example. The Degree i did was kinda "Multi-purpose". I did a lot of Writing, Event Planning , Film ...It was crazy but fun. Anyway, if you have a special skill that you do really well , why not package it and sell it to people? For example if you are great at Writing like me ... Offer to Write resumes , Business Plans all that stuff that people want but don't have time to do , or they might not know how to do it in a Professional Way . Think what your special skill/s is , perfect it and sell it! Make sure you do it well because people will not pay for crap.

Start a Blog! I've said this like probably 10 times .... the Internet is there for everyone! There is no limit to who can have a Blog and who can't. I must warn you ... it's not for the faint of heart ... it requires a lot of time and dedication.  If you decide to do it don't just do it because it's the "in thing" to do .... really think about it .There are tons of companies out there who will pay you to write reviews or even manage their very own Blogs.

Never Spend more than you make: Common Sense! The world has gone "Online" and everybody has a Credit Card. That does not mean you have to buy everything ... literally.

Sell Items Online: There are soooo many places you can sell items you no longer use . Sure you might not get a lump some of Cash for your items but it's still a few extra bucks . If you are a Creative person and make your own items ... Set up an Online store . Etsy is a great website for your original products . They emphasize that the products you sell are handmade ( they are really good at finding out tricksters) so make sure if you decide to do it your items are truly handmade.

Disclaimer : I am by no means a financial Adviser . These are things I've tried myself that has actually worked . I really hope this helps someone.

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