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Hi Guys! Make Up MAYnia continues this week . I hope you all had a lovely weekend and is now ready to take on a brand new week . I personally think the Avon Brand is heavily saturated here in Jamaica and i think some of the products are either a hit or a miss . I picked up the Avon Speed Dry 30 a few weeks ago at a Beauty Expo.

Usually when i purchase nail polishes , there are 4 main things i look for : Packaging , Longevity, Colour Pay off and Dry time. To make things easier I'm gonna rate this product by category .

Packaging : 5/10 - Nothing too fancy . It just has a rectangular shape with a black top. I like that it's small enough to travel easily without worrying about it taking up too much space in your cosmetic bag. It's really flat.

Longevity : 3/10 - I tried this on my nails 3 times so that i can give a fair/realistic review . 1. With  Base Coat and used an excess amount of water . I did the dishes , i washed my car , i washed my hair and cleaned my Make-up brushes . All this was done in one day on a Sunday before 7 pm and by 8 pm all my nails had chipped and the polish had been completely washed off 3 nails. 2. Painted my nails on a Friday , used no Base coat and only washed the dishes and bathed . Two of my nails chipped . By Sunday they had all chipped. 3. Used Base Coat and did no water related things other than take baths ... the result was much better. Only 1 of my nail chipped.

Colour Payoff : 10/10 - The colour is called "Red Wine" and i would say it's a "True Colour" . It really looks like Red Wine and has that kinda Purplish "Deep Red Look". It also has a really smooth finish and it's really light ... but you will only need one coat .

Dry Time: 9/10 - The bottle says 30 so i assumed it was "30 seconds". It was however roughly around 45 seconds until it was fully dry compared to a lot of other brands that seem to take forever.

Final thoughts
I would recommend this product to a friend if she doesn't do much. This would be more of a 1 day wear in my opinion if you are looking for a great Polish that will last throughout that ONE day . Apart from the chipping , it has a really nice finish, a wet "glossy salon look" and is sure to be a conversation starter . The price on the actual Avon Website is $6 USD which i personally think is waaaaaay too much for Avon .

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