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Hi Guys! So i decided to launch this Q&A forum where my readers get to ask me anything they like ... as long as it's PG :-) This Forum will be every 2 weeks and it will be 5-10 questions . Send in your questions early if you want them to show up. Your identity will be kept "secret" because not everyone likes to divulge their info.

Q : Is your "real" name Rane?
A: No , my actual name is Lorane. I just took the "Lo" off because people kept spelling my name WRONG! (which is a Pet Peeve). I get all my mail in "Rane". And i also thought it was a cooler "Media" name. Lots of people do this like Robyn Fenty a.k.a "Rihanna".

Q: Are you a Jamaican?
A: Yes ... i get this question so often . I have no idea why people would think i'm not a Jamaican. There is not one way that a Jamaican is suppose to act or dress etc . I do admit that i'm Americanized but that's due to socialization . I didn't get up one day and decided to "act" like a "valley girl" .

Q: If you could eat only one type of food for the rest of your life ... what would it be?
A : Cheeseburger! Yessssss ..... i looooooove Fast Food . I know it's bad .. but! I'm not the best cook and i hate having to wait on a meal to be cooked ... soooo it's easier for me to buy Fast food . Hands down Cheeseburger .... specifically Wendys ( to all the Intl readers ... we only have Burger King and Wendys as "Burger Options" )

Q : Have you been outside Jamaica?
A : Yes ... every holiday . Mainly to U.S.A. I actually have this weird thing about Airports ... i love them . I like the different types of food , different people and checking to see which airport has the best bathrooms.

Q: Dogs or Cats?
A: Definitely Dogs! I hate cats ... they annoy me ... i'm allergic . I think dogs work for your affection while cats act like they deserve it . I hate the way they always rub up against you and purrr .

Those are all the questions i got for this week . Thank you all for sending them in :-) Please send in your questions for the next forum in 2 weeks to

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