Staying Inspired : Simple Tips

Hi Guys! Today i want to move away from Fashion and Beauty a bit and talk to you a little. Sometimes as a Blogger or just a regular person it can be really hard to be inspired , after all i am human and i sometimes get affected by all that is going on around me and can't seem to find that Silver lining . Below are some of my personal tips.

Get Out More : Because i work from home ... "fah realsies" i see the same thing everyday and the view from my Home Office window isn't so great :-(  I make the extra effort to go out to lunch at least 2 days out of the week . This has improved my mood significantly and i also discover sooooo many new things and people on the road . I even met somebody who read my Blog last week ... that was so cool .. i seriously thought only other Jamaican Bloggers read my Blog.

Set Weekly Goals : Set some that are small and easily attainable and some that are a bit more challenging so that you can truly test your range . It helps a lot when i have a sense of direction each day/week plus it just keeps me motivated.

Read More ! In this generation , nobody reads anymore . It is all about having the latest gadgets
 ( there is nothing wrong with that) but when was the last time you picked up a book and just let your imagination go wild. There is sooo much to discover from books ... new worlds and new words. Sometimes when i read , i get inspired to do new posts in creative new ways.

Talk to Positive People : Lawd God " OMG" , this leads me back to high school Physics " Energy can neither be created or destroyed , it can be transferred". Have you ever spoken to one of those really gloom "Oh woe is me" kinda person and realized that all your energy has been totally drained? I have ... try to avoid those people . Talk to more positive people who can uplift and inspire you .

Those are my 4 little tips on how i stay inspired

How do you stay inspired? Share in the Comments

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