March Favorites

Hi Guys ! Happy Easter Monday :-))) Side Note : Until you start working whether from home or you go out ... you realize how tired the body can get ... I've seriously never slept sooo much in my life :-) Thanks to everybody who went to Ochie ... no traffic . With that long intro .. let's jump into it shall we :-)

Make- Up 

Maybelline Super Stay Make-up ! I recently did a review on this and i love it ... it has now replaced the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse . I will be re-purchasing this by the end of the week before it's out and i can't find it at the Pharmacy.

Nail Polish

Santee Sweet Candy Nail Polish : I think this might have come up in a Show and tell post , but it was on my nails all of March because i wanted to be in a "Happy" mood. It's pink and has a blue undertone ish kinda

Favorite Lip Product

EOS Lip Balm in Pomegranate Raspberry : I ordered this from Ebay with my free $15 :-) and i love it! It smells really nice and it works . Since the start of March .. my lips got really chapped and i needed a product that works fast.. this got the job done , so yay!

Favorite Eye Shadow

A! Absolute 18 Palette Eye-shadow : I got this at Cherry's for $400 jmd! The price is unbelievable and they have really good colour payoff

Favorite Food 

BK Onion Rings! I don't know if it's with age , but these days I'm like addicted to Onions ! When i go to BK i now ask for Onion Rings instead of Fries

Favorite T.V Show

Kourtney and Kim take Miami ... yeah yeah i know it might not be the best show .. but this season I'm kinda seeing where Kim might have a personality , instead of being just an insecure nasal sounding robot Mason is really cute

Favorite Music

Alex Goot! He has a really fun , hippie rockster  kinda voice . He does a lot of covers for several artistes . My favorite song is lightning

Favorite Human


That's it for my favorites in March ...

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