Kim Kardashian as Ava in " Temptation" : Confessions of a Marriage Counsellor

Hi Guys! I'm sure by now you all know that Kim K. played a character in Tyler Perry's film . And man did the critics tear her apart ! I'm not here to do that , i'm just here to talk a little about her character and her Fashion in the film.

Kim Plays Ava who is one of the Match makers at this auh mazing "Match making" company , ran by "Janice" played by Vanessa Williams . Ava frequently challenges the "New Girl" Judith ( the main character as it relates to her sense of fashion , shoes, hair , make-up and everything else she doesn't approve of.

The critics said that Kim was extremely nasal and a bad actress . Back-up ... Kim is not an Actress in the first place so i think that all the criticisms were un necessary . I think she did a good job playing the "mean office girl" and she was styled accordingly.

I think this is a great movie for young adults to see and i didn't touch on everything that happened because i know there are a lot of people who didn't watch it.

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