How To : The Lauren O Lauren Double Side Braid

Hi Guys! We have only 3 more days until Friday :-) Last week , Jamaican Media Personality , Socialite and Blogger Lauren " Lauren O Lauren" Dunn made an appearance on "CVW At Sunrise" . I noticed that her hair was in a super cool yet trendy double side braid.

This post was inspired by that look . So sit back as i show you the steps to get that braid :-)


The First Way ( Please see picture guide)

If you have really long hair , simply do a side part at the front of your hair . Try to bring the part as close to the crown of your head as possible so that i looks natural . Divide the hair into two parts.

  • Beginning with the side that has the least amount of hair ( this side is easier to start with) , start to braid your hair by carefully and evenly taking three chunks of hair and taking it into a braid . If you find that it's not straight , simply use hair/bobby pins to put the loose hairs in place . Braid the hair all the way down the the nape of the neck and secure with a clear elastic or a hair/bobby pin.
  • Repeat the same braiding technique on the other side of the hair all the way down to where you stopped the first braid . Take the hair from the first side and bring it all together into a large plait . Secure with an elastic band.
  • Finish with a pomade around the hair line or some sort of gel so that your hair looks "clean and together"
The Second Way

Let's say you don't have super long hair . You will then need to add hair to get the effect . I would recommend using any hair that you use to do braids . Be sure that it matches your hair type . 
  • Repeat the same steps above . The only difference here is that you are adding hair. This time you are going to take the three chunks of hair and gradually add the hair starting at the front of the hair .

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