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Hi Guys! As you know here at Haute People, we are always on the lookout for all things new and trendy to share with you. Today, I bring to you an Online Accessories Boutique Based in Atlanta, Georgia.

SexyKatBoutique was launched in 2011 by Mike Karter. Karter hopes that his Boutique will be the absolute best in High Quality Fashion and Crystal Jewellery. Diamonds are a girls’ best friend and so are crystals J This boutique carries three Crystals: The AB Crystal, Swavorski Crystal and Hematite Crystal.  Most women are familiar with Swavorski because it a world renowned top of the line brand and also because of its tremendous properties and of course the way it seems to “magically sparkles” in almost every type of light. The AB Crystal gives an amazing rainbow sparkle that reflects almost every colour of the rainbow and is a bit more risqué yet still a timeless piece. If you are an individual who really love Crystals and have even studied them to an extent you would have known that Crystals have healing powers which is exactly what the Hematite Crystal does; it is a powerful Crystal. If you are not into Crystals but love quick, trendy, everyday pieces, there is something for you. SexykatBoutique also carries High quality Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces (like those shown below) Check out that Bracelet below.

This is great for Spring and Summer and can transition into almost any season because of all the colours you get. Ladies, great news, all these items are reasonably priced so you don’t have to worry about going over your budget. Nothing beats High Quality pieces for a great price.

Shopping on SexyKatBoutique is easy and hassle free. The user friendly website makes it easy for everyone to pick their items and have it at their door in no time. There is the option to create an account, which is not mandatory to shop. However, customers who do sign up will receive some great options such as special discounted coupons ( which are great for saving so you can stack up on items , they are also the first to know as soon as new items are in stock and they will be automatically entered in random drawings for give-aways . That is amazing!

The ultimate goal of SexyKatBoutique is to become a Lifestyle brand that people will go to for the latest trends and high quality crystals.
This company is solely based in the US but hopes to expand to a worldwide market.

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