First Impression : Montagne Jeunesse Gel Cream Masque

Hi :-) It is my favorite day of the week ... i love Fridays ! I recently purchased the Montagne Jeunesse Gel Cream Masque in "Strawberry & Cream" from Mega Mart in Kingston for $130 jmd.

 First off i have to let you know that ... I don't think this product is being displayed well here in all the places I've seen it . In one Pharmacy , it was at the extreme back past the beauty section and at Mega Mart it was beside the batteries ... I don't get how they get a beauty product to go with batteries. Anyhoo ...I've been hearing alot about this product and it decided to finally try it.

The product smells so good ... i was tempted to eat it , i actually tasted it .. but it didn't taste as good as it smells. It is a natural product made from mild strawberries with the tiny seeds included . On the packet itself it says " Moisturize to reveal younger skin". It did exactly what it said on the packet .. after i used it my face felt different . I guess it felt "tighter"  and really smooth . It is a non- drying formula which means it won't leave your face feeling dried out as most masks do . There were two things i didn't like about this product :

  1. The "mask time" . It is recommended that you allow the mask to stay on your face for 10-15 minutes . That's a long time for me because i hate long beauty treatments.
  2.  It seemed to push all the impurities on the surface of my face . The next day i saw "white heads" , then a huge bump! I don't  have Acne but i sometimes get a few pimples on my period .. but I'm sooo far away from that , so i guess that's how it works. ( So look out for that)
I would give this product a 3.9/5 and you recommend to a friend

Finally , because this is considered a "Natural" product it is great for all skin types ( combination, dry, mature and normal)

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