Beauty Things I Suck At!

Hi Guys! It is the start of a new week . As you can tell from the title , this post will be all about the beauty things i suck at . I give a lot of tips and tricks on here but I'm not perfect at everything.

1. Curling my Hair with a Curling Iron : Thank God i discovered " Flexi Rods" . I've watched sooo many Youtube vids on how to Curl hair with a curling Iron and it still ends up coming out looking like crap! It always has this weird crunchy thing at the end and it just looks dead.

( Not as Bad as this)

2. Removing my make-up at night: Guilty! Sometimes i really just cannot be bothered and just go to bed like that , then wake up looking like i got beat up. It's bad i know and i promise to do better:-)

3. Painting my nails : Yes yes , i never seem to have perfect looking painted nails. They start out looking great, then somewhere out of nowhere a smudge appears.

4. Maintaining a well organized Closet: Ok so last year i did a crazy closet "shake-up" where i organized everything ... right down to the hangers. At the end of each week however ... this whirl wind seems to pass through my closet only and everything is out of place.

That's a Hot Mess!

5. Dressing Up : When i was in my teens and my early 20's i used to love dressing up , i would put outfits together and always had a "look" i wanted to execute . These days ... cyah bodda! It's like whatever . My go to outfit ... jeans and a t-shirt . I'm however looking to re-vamp my wardrobe which i hope to share with you guys soon :-)

If you are a Blogger/ Vlogger or just a girl or guy who suck at something ... please comment below ... let's chat :-)


  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    3,4 and 5 i swear thats me all together

  2. Lol .. Soo glad i'm not alone with this


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