Product Review: Maybelline Super Stay Make-Up

Today , i will be reviewing the Maybelline Super Stay Make-Up . If you are an avid reader , you would have realized that the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse is my favorite foundation. I was looking to re-purchase that when i realized that the Pharmacy i buy my Make -up from (Drugstore) got all the latest Maybelline Stuff :-)
I bought this at Discount Pharmacy in Manor Park for a little over $1,400 ( I'll put in the actual figure as soon as i can find the receipt) I like that they have a Make-up aisle instead of a counter , because I'm one of those people who like to read and compare products before i buy them :-)

Sooo , i was actually intrigued by this product because of all it says on the bottle ...First of all it's a Microflex formula. Maybelline boasts that this stuff basically "moves" with your skin and not on your clothes....It won't cake or get flaky.

What the bottle says 

                                             Withstands heat , sweat and humidity

No Transfer: won't rub off
Flexible , breathable , all -day comfort
Oil Free - Non pore clogging
Suitable for all Skin Types
24 HR Wear

My Actual thoughts

First of all , it doesn't have an overpowering scent which i like. I hate when foundations have that weird strong "chemically" scent. It has a really thick texture but it goes on really light , i didn't "feel" it on my face. If you are one of those girls who like the "no make up , make- up" look , this is great. I would definitely say it's build able , it gives the amount of coverage that you want . Now for the big reveal ... it did not last the full 24 hours , i would say it lasted a good 18 hrs and that was without a loose powder. I'm guessing if i had used a powder to set it , maybe it would go the entire 24 hours. It did hold up pretty well against the "elements". I went on the road for a good 3 hours just to see how it would hold up , note i didn't use the A.C in my car ... and it was in place . I didn't have that sweaty "piggy" look which I'd get from most foundations which would have me blotting throughout the day. There was also minimal transfer which was the best part. Also, i was a bit confused about the amount . On the bottle it says 1.0 Fl which I loved because most foundations are a mere 1 Fl ... BUT!!! When i opened the bottle , i seriously thought one of the ladies who worked in the store threw some out ... it was not full all the way to the top ! After reading several reviews online, i realized that i was not being doped and that's the actual amount . I would recommend this product to anybody.

Oh yeah! It doesn't come with a pump ... so be prepared to use your fingers or your favorite brush


  1. Nice post. After reading your review, I think I'm going give it a try.

  2. hate packaging without pumps! :(

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