Out Of This World Nails : New Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy

Revlon has already had a great start year ; with the launch of several beauty products such as "Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup" and now "New Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy".  If you like plain, one dimensional nails , this trend is not for you. This is soooo not your Grandma's Nail Art pen.

Wear It!

If you've been seeing this new product in pictures, on t.v and so on , it would seems like it's a long process. However! All you do is simply layer over your favorite base colours to create a 3D right out of world look! It's that simple. To really make this trend stand out ... use contradicting colours .

Warning! Be careful to not stare at your nails for too long as it sort of creates an illusion as if they are stars floating in the night's sky :-) I haven't actually tried this product yet but i saw it and decided i had to do a quick post .

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