Morning After Make -Up Tips / Tricks

Ladies! It is the morning after a hot, steamy night with your special someone. You roll around and then it hits you … Your make up looks like that lady from the Drew Cary Show!!! Eeek. Have no fear. I have a few small tips and tricks to fix your make-up melt down.

Always make sure you always have these items in your cosmetics bag/pouch.
A Q-Tip, Tinted Lip-Gloss, travel size moisturizer and compact foundation powder.
Start with a clean, fresh face! Be sure to wash your face with whatever soap you can find in that bathroom. Forget about your expensive cleanser for a few hours, this step is the most important.  Take your Q-Tip to smooth out any eyeliner or mascara under your eye. Eye make-up is the hardest to remove so there will be some still left over.  The next step is to moisturize then simply apply your foundation and finish with lip gloss.

You will have a fresh, natural “no make- up, make- up “look. It won’t be too much nor will your skin look sallow.

I hope these tips helped at least one person out there. If you have any special tips you do, please comment below


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