March Into Spring:Show & Tell : A! Absolute : Perfect 18 Eye-shadow Palette

Hi Guys! While on the road on Saturday i discovered some products that i haven't seen before at Cherry's Spring Plaza. I was actually attracted to these products because of their packaging. Today, i will be showing you my A! Absolute : Perfect 18 Eye shadow Palette.

The Palette

I liked the fact that it was cheap! It was only $400 Jmd . I know most people might have reservations as it relates to purchasing certain products because of their price , but as i always say "It's just Make -up .. at the end of the day it washes off" .

Whats the BIG deal?

The color pay off is auh mazing . The colors at the bottom are neutral are highly pigmented. These have a mix of shimmer and matte shadows . I love shimmer shadows :-) My favorite is the gold and silver. The colors on the top are a mix of shimmer and matte shadows as well. But! the colors that were "bright" showed up light on my lids :-( especially those two Pretty Pinks. See below for the swatches.

Apart from the colors that are bright showing as light ... the color pay off is great! I was even surprised . Oh! and also that deep purple colour right there has a creamy texture .. so that's good :-) It also come with Black and White shadows great for highlighting and creating a smokey eye . You get all that for $400.00. This is great if you are like me and is just getting into Make-up . It's inexpensive ... yet effective.

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  1. Nice find! I like the colours!

  2. I have this, I really like it, but I use the bottom set of colours more than the top! I love the browns the most :)

  3. I know right Chris ... It's a really great palette with great colours


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