March into Spring : How NOT to Wear Make up

Hi Guys! So i was on Facebook when i saw some really disturbing pictures on a page called "Hot Mess"  ( let me know if you saw those pics) . The girls in these pics knew what Make-up was .. But!! they have no idea how to apply it . My guess is that .. they all planned on going out , then the light went out .. and they grabbed all the make -up in the dark and applied it with a paintbrush .

Below are some of the ways you should not apply make up .


Be sure to use a foundation that is either waaaay too light or too dark for the face . I used one that was a bit darker than my skin-tone!

Make sure that you get a light concealer and dab it under your eyes as much as you can . You want people to see that your eyes are awake .. trust me .. more is more in this case .. do not apply sparingly. We want that Kardashian look Girl!

The Cheeks

Get the boldest , brightest blush you can find in your collection and pack that on there . Make sure you get it under your eyes without messing up the concealer . Remember , you want to look "Natural". Suck those cheeks in!

It is now time to contour  forget about that super model cheek look .. that's so yesterday... today , we are creating the illusion that we have the  perfect nose.. get the darkest bronzer you can find.


It is now time to fill in those brows , there are 3 options here " mean brows" , "paper thin brows" or "nike sign brows". We are doing the mean brows today ... because we are fierce .. grrrrr . Take the darkest eye pencil you can find to outline those brows. Be sure to take your light concealer to go above and below the brows to give it that nice clean look.

Next , take a bright eye shadow or a colour that is not a part of your outfit and apply to your lids.  Its Spring so think bright colors. I did a smokey Eye .. with winged tips . I was going big so i did "batman" wings , can you see the definition?


Finally ! are the lips ... who says you can't have a bold eye and a bold lip?  Pick the brightest lipstick you can find and finish with lip gloss .

You are now ready to go to your event!

On the real ! This post was all in good fun and are just some ways you should NOT apply your make-up . I hope it was fun for you because i enjoyed it :-)

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  1. Thank You ... i enjoyed doing it

  2. lol... found ur blog thru Bella Niaja...

  3. lol ... this was one of the most fun things I've done .. . Some girls actually leave their like that ( for real)


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