Haute People "Off The Ground" Fundraiser

Hi Guys! Today i would like to tell you about something i Launched for my "Blog Business" . As you can tell from the title , it's called the "Haute People Off the Ground Fundraiser". I'm a Professional Blogger , that's how i make money . I went to school , got a Degree and i hate working for other people :-( Plus my first job out of Uni was "Digital Slavery" . Then i got recruited by one of Jamaica's top Insurance Companies .. didn't like it .. just don't have that Passion ...I consider my self a creative person . I've had other jobs before all that .. mostly Summer and Part Time Jobs .. some were great .. some horrible .. but while i was there .. i dreamed in Fashion and writing "How To" articles ... so i eventually kicked my Blogging into high gear and went Professional :-)

Blogging in the U.S is a 2.7 Billion dollar industry .. yes i said a billion dollars. Why aren't we embarking on that here in Jamaica? How come there is not support for the "Creative Arts" ? Anyway , i want to take my Blog to the level of some of these International Bloggers.. I'm just as good . There are certain things i need to reach that level . Such as:

  • DSLR Digital Camera
  • Macbook
  • Wireless Printer/Scanner
  • Professional Website
  • Graphic Artiste
In Jamaica , we have a culture where we think once people do something like this .. they are flat on their faces and are in "need" of help. The thing is .. i did all the start up by myself ...and we all need a little "push" , in some aspect of our lives . That push is in the form of a donation . Donations start at $1 Usd and the maximum goes up to $500 . If you donate $5 , you will receive a special mention on this Blog and Social Media ( if you wish) You don't have to live in Jamaica or the States to donate .. you just have to believe in the dream .. my dream :-)  I will post regular updates once i reach a certain amount and so on . This Fundraiser is of course ongoing ..

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