Bend Down Plaza : Your one stop 'shop" for everything

The whole place is a market place
those inside selling
what dem outside higglering
only outside you might get it for less
if you beat down the money-till
stored in her breasts.

Bend Down Plaza ( Stanza 1 -Lorna Goodison)

Hi Guys , If you live in the Caribbean or in any area that is considered as a predominantly Black Society , then you would have been familiar with "Bend Down Plaza". In the Poem above , Lorna Goodison gives an idea of what it is . In short , "Bend Down Plaza " is an area/areas where "goods" are sold on the sidewalks/streets for a lot less than the traditional stores. You might be a regular Bend Down Plaza shopper and not even know it , maybe its called something different in your area. There are a lot of negative connotations associated with this way of shopping , but i believe that everybody has to make a living somehow. For me , as long as there's space to walk on the sidewalks , I'm good.

Why we Love it 

In Jamaica , you can get anything you want . From clothing to even household items . The best part is , you are able to bargain or as we say in Jamaica ( bawl down a price ) to get a better deal. This is an important skill for everybody to have ( especially in these hard times when things are super expensive). As long as you are able to give a good price ... a realistic price can walk away feeling like you won a Jackpot . We also love it because believe it or not .. some of these people have a lot of trendy/ unique stuff that some of the most popular stores won't have.

Rules of Shopping

  • Never ask the price of something you have no intention of buying . These people are usually on the streets for hours and some even travel great distances and will get really "fiery" with you . I would say "ask at your own risk".
  • Never touch the goods ... unless you've paid for them . This is pretty self explanatory .
  • Make sure you give the item/s you purchased a thorough inspection to make sure they are in good condition . It's not an official store, therefore there are no refunds , or exchange policies :-)
  • Always have change
  • Watch your pockets!
Have you ever been walking on the streets and been dazzled by items on the sidewalks/strets ? If so please share ... what are your favorite items to buy from a "Bend Down Plaza?"

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