Spring Is in The Air : Coloured Pastel Skinnies

Hi Guys ! As February begins to wind down, we begin to approach March Madness where we are introduced to Spring . Side note : I have to let you know that we don't really celebrate the seasons in Jamaica , but we are however aware of them and the time of month when they are ... it always seems like its Summer in Jamaica. With that being said with the remainder of this week , I'll be looking at the top Spring trends for 2013.

Coloured jeans are definitely back ! .. again , in fact i don't think they even left . These jeans have been around for a good 2 years and its like each season there is a new colour added . Last year it was all about Mint Green. For Spring this year , I've been seeing Lilac , Peach and Chartreuse 
( its a greenish, yellowish , mustardy colour :-)

There  is a bit of a difference between your "standard" Skinny Jeans and Pastel Jeans . The "standard" coloured jeans are mainly primary colours such as Red , Yellow and Blue ( colours that are not the typical blue denim).

 Pastels on the other hand are the secondary colours ... with degrees of white added to it which gives it that nice soft powdery colour .

How to Wear Pastels 

The cool thing about these jeans is that they can go from Casual Friday to a really high end Launch Party with just the right accessories. I saw where brands such as The Gap and J Crew went for a more subtle look and paired it with neutral tops and minimal accessories.While Marc Jacobs went for a more bold look by mixing it with prints and patterns in one of his latest campaigns. I would say .. it depends on the situation , accessories and of course the right amount of confidence.

You can get Jeans like this in Jamaica at Style Savvy ( click the word for details )

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  1. Anonymous11:41 PM

    its more of the ankle skinnies i think are in think Blaine from Glee...kinda swore we did this last spring tho

    1. You are completely right ... its more of an the ankle length for 2013 ... and it was done last Spring as well .. thanks for pointing that out .. i see you are into the trends :-)


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