Spring is in The Air : Black , White and Gold

Sooo .. if you are avid reader of my Blog you would have realized that some of the things I've listed so far for Spring are actually what i predicted would be fashionable for 2013. It's kinda cool that they made their way because I'm just getting into the "art" of trend spotting and i really didn't want to mislead people and predict the wrong things . With that being said ... Black , White and Gold is the new Black :-)

Three color dressing is a great way to pull an outfit together without much thought . However .. you have to know which colors to use. Black , White and Gold are the perfect trio. Try to coordinate these with more "cleaner" outfits. Which means go for a more subtle look rather than a cool laid back look with jeans . Think of Jumpsuits , Rompers, Maxi Skirts and Blazers .. just really nice tailored pieces , then simply add that splash of gold and a hit of white.

If you want to make a true statement ... add a Black White and Gold watch or Cap Toe heels :-)

This trend is not just limited to Clothing and Accessories . You can also incorporate nails , cell phone accessories and even hair accessories. With any trend make sure you are comfortable in whatever you wear and above all .. as i always say ... be confident.

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