Miss Uwi Promo Vids are out!!!! Watch them here

Hi Guys ! Happy Valentine's Day :-)) Unlike most Bloggers i will not be doing a Valentine's day related post ( how many of those can you take ... really)

The highly anticipated Miss Uwi 2013 Promo vids are finally out . Last week there was a glimpse of Part 1 ( which was well received) and now ....*drumroll * Part 2 is Out. See both parts below

Promo Vid #1

Promo Vid #2

Come see the "Diamonds" on March 10 ! That's less than a month away . Are You excited yet?

* We just might have a Give away coming up soon*


  1. will definitely be staying tuned to your blog this is a great story!

  2. Glad you liked it .. I'm just as excited as you


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