Make - Up Tips/Tricks For Glasses

Hi Guys! Its the middle of the week . In the work world it's called "Hump Day " and i don't think it means the way it sounds . I'm thinking after today it's all down hill from here and the end of the week is really close . It is also my BIRTHDAY :-)))

This is for all those ladies who wear glasses but still love make -up . I wear glasses so these tips are straight from my own experiences . Wearing make-up and glasses can be quite challenging... or is it?

Tip #1 

Its all in the eyes . You've already applied foundation and all the stuff . Your main focus should now be your eyes. Keep away from grey shadows . Augh ... i noticed that when i do a daytime smokey eye .. my eyes look dark and droopy . While we are on the eyes being droopy , it is recommended to not line your eyes . This also makes your eyes looks tired . Stick to light shimmery colors and keep it above the lids. Focus on your crease and brow bone .

Tip # 2

It is all about colour . For example , if your glasses purple , don't use the same purple eye make up , use maybe a nice green or gold . This again makes your eyes look tired.

Tip # 3

Define those brows ! Well defined brows give your face a whole new look. It just pulls everything together and makes you look really groomed :-) Some might thing that " of my glasses cover my brows so whats the use " , just try it and tell me if it doesn't make a different . The effort counts.

Tip #4

Add some mascara and curl those lashes . Mascara and Glasses are not the best of friends . But ! there is a trick . Apply your mascara first . By the time you are finished with the rest of your face .. it would have been completely dried and it won't smear your glasses.

Tip #5

Highlight your tear ducts and line your water line with .... a white eye pencil . A white eye pencil will open your eyes and also make them bigger .

These are the things i do to make my eye make-up pop under my glasses .. Do you have any special tips/tricks ? Share below

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  1. These are some great tips that I shall try. I wear glasses but I tend to take them off when I put on makeup these could help me out a bit

    1. Let me know how it goes Nella


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