Make Up Brushes : The 411

Hi Guys! Today we'll be looking at the basic types of Make -up brushes to get ... if you are just getting into Make-Up . I am actually just starting to go more in depth in Make-Up so i thought it would be great if we could go through this new found love together .

There are 5 recommended brushes you should get:

The Angled Blush Brush

The angled blush brush has a unique shape that that fits perfectly under your cheekbones to contour and highlight without streaking. The slanted shape of this brush also features precision application for a sculpted look. The soft bristles of this brush makes it a great tool for applying bronzer and or/luminizer.

The Eyeliner Brush

This Brush perfectly defines your lids with a thin line of colour . Use it to seamlessly apply cream or gel liner with quick strokes . Hold the brush at an angles rather than straight on . It like to use mine to apply a gold cream shadow to brighten my eyes.

The Powder Brush

This brush is great for applying both pressed and compact powder . The fluffy bristles give a super smooth application and an airbrushed look . The fluffiness of this brush also makes it easy to pick up just the right amount of powder . Most of these brushes are non-toxic and hypoallergenic which means it works on all skin tones . I must admit that this brush takes a lot of getting use to ... i felt like i didn't get the desired amount of coverage from the product , but after much trials and errors .. i realized it picked up just the right amount.

The allover eye shadow brush

This is one of my favorite brushes . It's versatility makes it super easy to create a number of different looks. This brush has a "flat head" ( as you can see in the picture) which is great for sweeping shadows from lashes to brows and even subtle enough to use to under the eyes . This can be done by holding it vertically.

The Blending Brush

This dome shaped brush can be used to shade the crease of your eyes. The wide bristles of this brush takes the colour and blends it out as a final touch. After you've applied your shadows,  liners and highlighters ; sweep this brush to diffuse any lines . Blending your Make-up makes it look more natural and professional.

N.B : The brushes I've listed comes in various  shapes and sizes. However , these are the "basic" brushes to get if you are just starting out with Make-up . It is also great to consult a Professional make -up artiste or visit a Make-Up counter.

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