How To : Make Creamy Gel Liner

Hi Guys! Today i want to share with you how i recently discovered how to make my own gel liner that is safe and more importantly .. not expensive :-) It is soooo easy and once i get into it  , you will be so blow away and of course grateful for the money you will save . Gel liners are starting to replace the traditional "kohl" and " liquid " liners because they last longer and are easier to apply .

You Will Need:
  • Black or Dark Grey Eye shadow
  • A small instrument for scraping ( a plastic knife of something from your nail kit)
  • Small container
  • Petroleum Jelly / Vaseline ( even hair oil)

Step 1 

Scrape a generous amount of eye shadow into your container .

Step 2

Add a pinch or two of Vaseline to the eye shadow to one side of the container

Step 3

Using the same instrument you used to scrape , combine the eye shadow and Vaseline until you get a creamy mixture . The great thing is that you get to decide the texture of your new gel liner.

Step 4 

Apply your Gel Liner and turn up the drama on your eyes 

Ladies , make-up is something that washes off at the end of the day . It is great to invest in particular high end products to give you that super model flawless look , and sometimes you don't have to buy a product that cosst an arm and a leg . Do your research and know what works for you 

Also, my home-made Gel liner lasted all day long. I actually made it Sunday and wore it everyday since just so i could give you realistic results . However , i found that it was a bit hard to remove  ( i guess its long wear  I would recommend using wipes or a wash cloth to remove it .

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  1. This is totally genius! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank You Caroline :-) It was really fun to make and it really does last long

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  3. I can view your videos above but I cannot get to your youtube. Why is that? I would like to subscribe.

    1. Hi MsVchiles ... I'll def check out your Blog and subscribe ... i do have a personal Youtube account , but it's not very active ... i'll try to figure it out and send you a link ...I'm glad you love my Blog , thanks for following


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