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I received a phone call from fellow Blogger Rashade from Kingston Belle over the weekend and as i answered the phone i knew he would either be inviting me to an Elite Fashion/ Blogger related event or he had something totes #amazeballs to tell me :-) Guess which one it was ? C'mon ... do you give up? He will be launching Fashion Finders Jamaica Network . Below is an explanation of what this is.

"Kingston Belle has created a solution on the front of Fashion Marketing and PR to rectify a growing itch local ateliers have been dying to scratch. Advertising in the mass market place is both expensive and unnecessary. High end boutiques spend over 30ks a month on ads in the Gleaner, Observer and on Jamaica YP. On the matter of JYP, we consider Fashion Finders to be the Jamaica YP of the Fashion World its all about direction. We aim to create a directory of the best boutiques, designers, stylists and bloggers in Jamaica placing them infront of consumers most interested in what they are offering  Fashion Finders is a network for everyone, everyday fashion savvy enthusiasts can sign up for exclusive membership on the network benefiting from our regular promotions with our clients. Foursquare shows you where you are but Fashion Finders aims to show you where to go "

The best part is ... this is not just for Fashion minded people. We all wear clothes and sometimes it's a hassle to find the right pieces for the right situations. Have you ever had one of those days where you spent the whole day shopping, found nothing .. then at the final hour you just picked anything and hope it works ? Well i have . Fashion Finders Jamaica is a network that links you to Boutiques , Bloggers , Designers and Stylists who all have experience in this field and all you have to do is "click" on one of these categories and in an instance , your Fashion Dilemma is over. In this era .. all we do is "click" , so it shouldn't be hard :-)

The Launch of the site is TODAY! The first Fashion Finders Exclusive Style feature is with Tessanne Chinn.

 Remember to also check out Kingston Belle 

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  1. OMG This is fantastic!!! Congrats on being a part of this!

  2. Thank You Caroline


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