D-I-Y "Placement" Clutch

Hi Guys ! I'm back with another D-I-Y and this one is something that is right under your nose , or on your table :-) Clutch bags are incredibly cute .. they add that extra once of sophistication to any outfit . Most recently , the over sized and envelope clutches were introduced.  Below , i will show you how you can make a clutch , for $500 J.M.D ! Yes thats $500 Jamaican Dollars .. with the recent inflation rates .. ladies we have to look good and be smart about our money all in the same breath .

You will need

  • Place mat ( any texture is fine)
  • Hot Glue Gun / Needle & Embroidery Thread
  • Scissors ( optional)
  • 1 Typing Sheet
  • Velcro / Magnetic Snaps ( anything that can close and hold pieces together)
  • Iron
  • Old broach or anything that can be used as an embellishment to decorate
Step 1

Fold the place mat well over half , leaving out around 3 inches. This will create the "flap" on your clutch , which is needed to keep your bag closed and secured.

Step 2

Place the sheet of paper on the bottom crease and press down with a heated iron . Please make sure the iron is on a low setting , as you could burn the paper and the place mat . We are using the iron to sort of mold the place mat to form a clean crease at the base and sides of the clutch.

Step 3

Using your hot glue gun , glue along both sides. You have to be really precise with this , as the glue dries really fast. I actually did one side then the next just to make sure it did not get dry on me. If you opt to sew , simply sew along the sides. Fold over the flaps 

* If you wish you can go over the sides and based once more with the iron , just to make sure its nice and flat.

Step 4

Add you Velcro or magnetic snaps . Be sure to measure them accurately so that they line up under the middle of the flap and immediately under that . For this project , i used hooks from an old pair of work pants.

Step 5

Add your embellishments. If you used your glue gun , give it a good 15 - 20 minutes to dry.

Step 6

Add your favorite things and go!
( This is actually a visa gift card , so no personal info is revealed :-)

Tips : I would not recommend carrying heavy items such as books in this bag. This is however great for a night on the town where you only need the basics like : credit cards , cash , make up , phone , keys , tampons , mints and maybe a small camera . Its pretty deep and can fit a good amount of SMALL items.

The place mat was purchased at Tru Value in Halfway Tree for $135 . I had all the other items at home so this bag caused $135 . I set the budget for $500 because most people might not have fasteners like velcro or hooks at home and might need to purchase it . And yes , i do plan to wear this bag :-)

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  2. Thank You Guys :-) I will be making tons of these in different colours :-)


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