Beyonce: Super Bowl Predictions Part 1

Hi Guys ! It is Super Bowl Weekend ! Where ever you are in the world I'm sure you must be rooting for your favorite team , placing bets and doing your pre-game rituals. Let us take a break and focus on what everybody looks forward to ... Half Time Performance!! This year there are top acts such as the super auh mazing Beyonce.

Just a few days ago Beyonce had a slight mis-hap where it was alleged that she lip synched the U.S Anthem ... but! it was in fact a pre-recorded track that wasn't the best "recorded" . With the Super Bowl being today , i think this will be the perfect opportunity for the mother of one who i might add have been away from the Music scene to make her "Come Back". According to B at a recent Press Conference :

" This is the highlight of a career  ...I just can't imagine how I'm gonna feel when I'm really there, and it's live, and it's all of those people in the Super Dome."

When you are a Diva like Beyonce ... you don't just make a regular comeback .. You make a HUGE Comeback .. Like SUPER BOWL HUGE !! Based on the recent Rehearsal Videos ( posted below) i have seen , i would say she is ready and has kicked into high gear .

I am looking forward to seeing the Halftime performance more than anything else tomorrow. I think she will sing " Run The World ( Girls)" and maybe a surprise new song she has been working on. I also think there might be a MJ song/ routine in there . There has been talks of her former Destiny's child members joining her on stage  .. I've even heard Jay-Z ( but it's 12 minutes so we'll just have to wait and see)Those Rehearsals looked pretty high energy to me ... so i'm thinking its gonna be one something totally sick. My "haute" question of the day " how many outfit changes will she have"?

What are your predictions?

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